We Represent People Who Have Disputes with Insurance Companies



Bidegaray Law Firm, LLC

We represent policyholders when insurance companies treat them unfairly. Bidegaray Law Firm, LLC understands how difficult it can be to deal with an insurance company.  Our firm has experience handling cases against insurance companies including a record $34 million verdict against an insurance company.  We have recovered millions for clients.  We often find insurance coverage that our clients were unaware of, were told did not exist, or were lead to believe was unavailable for their claim.

Insurance Disputes  We protect policyholders from insurance company abuse. Our firm has fought for insurance policyholders, both individual and business, for over 20 years.

Personal Injuries  We also represent people who have experienced a personal injury or death.  Bidegaray Law Firm helps juries hold insurance companies, corporations, and the government accountable to people they have harmed.  Most of our cases involve insurance companies violating claims handling rules, corporations ignoring basic safety, governments overlooking dangerous situations, trucking companies failing to have safe drivers or trucks, drivers ignoring rules of the road, or other community safety violations.

Community Safety  We help juries enforce community safety rules by holding the violators accountable for the harm they cause, making our communities safer.  We are recognized locally, state wide, and nationally as a leader in preparing and presenting cases on behalf of people and families.

Juries are the most powerful force for justice, and perhaps the only place left for the common person to have a chance against powerful insurance companies, corporations, and the government. We have observed firsthand that juries, through verdicts, are one of the only remaining forces that can change the way insurance companies, corporations and government do business.  Our belief in juries is paramount to our success.

If an insurance company is treating you unfairly, or if you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury or death, call us to find out how we can help you.

I have never been so satisfied with a lawyer in my life. You took on my case whole heartedly. It made me feel very represented like I was on top of your whole list. You gave me many calls and letters to keep me posted at all times!

Client November 30, 2015

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