Practice Areas

Do you have a possible insurance claim?

We represent people who have disputes with their insurance company.  Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid paying legitimate claims.  Are you experiencing delayed or denied payment of a claim? Are they treating you unfairly?  Have they tried to change your policy? Or tried to claim that your policy was cancelled without providing you proper notice? Has an insurance company rescinded your policy after you have made a claim? Of course, these are only a few examples of some of the tactics they utilize.

Over the years we have successfully helped people (policyholders) who have disputes with insurance companies.  Besides a $34 million verdict against an insurance company, we have numerous other substantial settlements and verdicts. We are the insurance consumer lawyers to help you.

Do you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim?

We also represent people who have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death.  We try to help juries hold insurance companies, corporations, and the government accountable to people they have harmed.  Most of these cases involve wrongdoers who have violated safety rules, or others who have acted unsafely.  Holding wrongdoers accountable is important.  Not only does this help restore the damages they caused, it also helps make our community safer.

In the event that you have an insurance, personal injury, or wrongful death question, contact us.  Time deadlines apply to these cases, so don’t wait.  We do not charge you anything to discuss your potential case.  If a time deadline is missed, you might not recover even if you have a valid claim.


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