Insurance Disputes

Experiencing an Insurance Dispute?

We represent people who have insurance disputes with insurance companies.  Insurance companies must treat you fairly and in good faith – not bad faith.  For this reason, insurance companies must properly investigate claims and not pass this responsibility onto you, the insured.  A proper investigation is the key that unlocks the door to coverage.  When an insurance company fails to properly investigate, the door to coverage remains closed to the insurance companies advantage.  When properly investigating a claim, an insurance company cannot ignore facts that support coverage or focus on facts that might support denial of your claim.   Insurance companies must promptly accept and pay claims when they probably owe for the claim.  An insurance company cannot put its financial interest ahead of thier insureds. These are some of the many rules an insurance company must follow.

Insurance companies have well trained employees, lawyers, agents and adjusters that know how an insurance company is supposed to operate yet they do not always look out for your best interest.  If you have an insurance dispute involving any type of insurance, consider consulting an attorney early in the dispute. It is important that the attorney you choose has experience with insurance companies.  Please review our website, we have experience regarding insurance claims.  Time deadlines apply in cases so do not wait to contact an attorney.